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Fan Motor Replacement

Is my fan motor the reason my air conditioner isn't working?

Unlike automobiles and collectible trading cards, air conditioning units don't collect the same passion for their inner-workings. So it makes sense to not understand why an air conditioning system may suddenly stop working. In Southern California, particularly when summer hits its peak, it makes a world of a difference to come home to breezy, perfectly cool air. One of the most common AC issues  revolves around the fan motor within an HVAC system.

What Is An AC Fan Motor Used For?

The fan motor within an HVAC system is small, unremarkable, and yet completely integral to the operation of the overall system. The AC fan motor introduces air to the system, promoting circulation to keep the air in a home moving. Without an operating fan motor, the entire system will stop blowing the cold air we need on those hot summer days.

Top 2 Symptoms Requiring a Fan Motor Replacement

Before searching for the best AC repair near you, let's take a moment to highlight some key symptoms or signs that a fan motor replacement is necessary. There are many symptoms that could present itself as a fan motor issue, but these 2 are the most obvious ones to remember.

  1. Fan Does Not Start When AC is Operational — When the air conditioning system is running, but the fan doesn't start, this is likely due to the fan motor becoming inoperable. This is a time-sensitive issue that, if not fixed, could lead to the evaporator coil of your unit to freeze.

  2. Fan is turning slowly or irregularly  — Similarly frustrating, a fan that runs but only rotates slowly could be another symptom of a failed or failing fan motor. Intermittent operation is another sign that a motor is failing or about to completely fail.


Have any more questions about your fan motor or air conditioner? Contact us down below!

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